Talking About Eyeglasses

A Look At The Different Types Of Medications Your Doctor May Prescribe For Glaucoma

If you’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma or your doctor believes you’re at a high risk for glaucoma due to high intraocular pressure, then you’ll probably be prescribed a medication to manage the condition. Depending on your symptoms and their severity as well as your overall health, there are several types of medications your doctor may […]

Suffering From Allergy-Sensitive Eyes And Frequent Headaches? How Lasik May Help

Lasik surgery offers the freedom from corrective lenses for people that need assistance with their distant viewing. For the majority of patients that are tired of worrying about where they left their glasses or who no longer want to deal with the irritation of contact lenses, this is a beneficial procedure that makes their life […]

Want To Look “Book-Smart” Only Some Of The Time? How To Mix And Match Your Eyeglass Frames With Contact Lenses

Sometimes you do not want to be seen in eyeglasses. At other times, it is a look you desperately want to adopt because of the group of people or the person with whom you are spending your days. If you actually need prescription eye wear, but you do not want to wear glasses all the […]

Prescription Sunglasses: 4 Reasons To Protect Your Eyes From UV Light

If you want to see when the sun’s shining bright, you have to wear sunglasses that block out the majority of visible light. While all sunglasses block out light, not all of them block out UV rays, which are more dangerous than bright light. Radiation from UV rays can cause a host of eye diseases […]

6 Tips For A Smooth Recovery From Cataract Surgery

Uncomplicated cataract surgery is typically a quick procedure that is done on an out-patient basis. However, there is a recovery period, and there are several things you can do to help your eyes heal quickly. If you’re having cataract surgery in the near future, use the following tips during your recovery. Administer Eye Drops on […]

Reducing Your Glaucoma Risks By Decreasing Eye Pressure

If you have a family history of glaucoma, are over the age of 60, or are an African American over 40, then you may be at risk of developing glaucoma. This is also true if you have high blood pressure or if your eye doctor has discovered that you have elevated pressure within your eyes. […]

Prevent Your Little One From Scratching, Losing, Or Breaking Their Eye Glasses

Little ones have a way of breaking, losing, and scratching their glasses. As a parent, there are many things you can do to help your little one avoid damaging and losing his or her glasses. The following tips will help. Wear them All the Time As long as the glasses are on your child’s face, […]

Contact Lens Use May Eventually Contribute To More Than Your Eye Health

Smart lens technology has come a long way and continues to evolve, as the potential of the technology may offer individuals with diabetes another method for monitoring the disease. If you are tired of pricking your finger to test drops of blood as a way to monitor your blood glucose level, smart contact lenses may […]

Contacts May Be The Best Way To Deal With Your Presbyopia

If you have presbyopia, you may be frustrated by the need to wear reading glasses. If your vision has always been good, it may be difficult to get used to wearing glasses, since you don’t need to wear them all the time. You may constantly misplace your glasses and never seem to have them when […]

Glasses Giving You Headaches? A Guide for Getting to the Bottom of the Problem

Do you find that whenever you wear your glasses, you end up getting a headache? Many people who suffer from glasses-induced headaches end up ignoring the issue. They either avoid wearing their glasses or just pop pain relievers to get rid of the discomfort. But your glasses are necessary for you to see properly, and […]